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These short-lived American-made models were made by the Fender Custom Shop in the mid-1990s.The System I bridge string height is set by adjustable pivot post screws and has no individual string height adjustments but has individual string intonation adjustments and is very much like the Gibson Tune-o-matic bridge in terms of intonation and string height adjustments.The Fender Contemporary models were manufactured from 1984 to 1987 by Fuji Gen Gakki and these Stratocasters were designed to be Superstrats (Super Strat) with humbucking pickups and Floyd Rose like tremolos made by Schaller and Kahler.There was a lower priced Fender Contemporary Squier model produced as well.Body stamp dates were used by Fender from the early 1950's to the mid 1960's and then stopped until the 1980's where they started again sporadically to this day, sometimes you see them and sometimes you don't.

Back in the 1950's and 60's no one at Fender at any clue that one day these instruments would be highly sought after collector's items or coveted vintage tone machines and that people would be so concerned about when any particular bass was made.

So if you have Fender with a neck date of 1964 and the pots are dated 1965, then you have a 1965 Fender Bass.

There are some years in particular that can get real tricky.

Lesson here is that until you see the date stamp on either the neck or body, the serial number is only a guess.

The earliest Fender serial numbers were stamped on the bridge, moving to the neck plate in 1954.

Some 1959 Precision Basses have no neck date stamp at all and several Fender basses from 1969 to 1980 have neck stamp codes that are difficult to decipher and sometimes impossible to read.

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