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Anthony Curtis, a former professional gambler and currently the owner and publisher of Las Vegas Advisor, a website covering the casino business, told Daily that Paddock was not a 'whale' in the casino world, meaning the very biggest spenders.

But he was a known quantity and would be seen at invite-only tournaments where players would compete for ,000 cash prizes.

By working out the probabilities of hands players, can beat the house and at the Mandalay Bay video poker machines pay out a maximum of 99.17 percent, or .17 for every 0 wagered.

By the time you add in the perks, or 'comps', short for complimentary, they are more than breaking even.

Players have to go quickly to improve their likelihood of getting hands like a royal flush which come on average every 40,000 hands and might earn ,000 on a 5 wager.

In a game of video poker the player is up against just the machine and not a human dealer and each hand is dealt from a new 52-card virtual deck.

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He said: 'Nobody knew him, that was the weirdest thing'People I know only knew of him, they didn't know him.

In Vegas it's fiercely competitive for the big players, they often negotiate to get the best offer.'Shackleford said that video poker players tended to be smart, disciplined and patient.

He said that you have to be able to sit down at the machine and play it for hours at speed but if you press one button wrong it could cost you two hours in value to play.

Daily can also disclose that other high rollers were concerned about Paddock drinking a 'constant stream of booze' whilst he was playing.

They described him as a 'heavy, heavy drinker' and wondered if his high alcohol intake contributed to his mental deterioration.The Las Vegas shooter was so hooked on gambling he played up to 1,000 hands of video poker in a single hour - at a cost of 0,000.

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